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Passion Pods

Passion Pods

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Passion Pods are the eco-friendly and reusable air fresheners that will keep your car smelling fresh and fabulous, without contributing to waste.

Passion Pods are the perfect road trip companion! Hang them in your car and top them up with your favorite scent whenever you need to refresh your ride. With Passion Pods, your nose will be in heaven for the long haul, whether you're commuting to work or embarking on an epic adventure.

Passion Pods are available in 3 different colour combinations with any of our 17 fragrances.


Distilled Water, Solubiliser, Fragrance.


As with any scented product, it's important to exercise caution. Do not ingest • Do not apply directly to skin, clothes, furnishings, surfaces or pets • Do not spray near naked flame • Avoid contact with skin and eyes, rinse with water if contact occurs • We scent using essential and fragrant oils, if pregnant, talk to your doctor before use • Keep out of reach of children • Store below 30°C •


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